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31 Article of a journal  The maqamat of al-Hamadhani : general remarks and a consideration of the manuscripts /
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 22: 2 (1991), p. 89-99  
Richards, D.S.  
32 Article of a journal  Umayyad panegyric and the poetics of Islamic hegemony : al-Akhtal's Khaffa al-Qatinu ('Those that dwell with you have left in haste') /
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 38: 2 (1997), p. 89-122  

Stetkevych, Suzanne Pinckney
33 Article of a journal  The 'Abbasid poet interprets history : three qasidahs by Abu Tammam /
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 10 (1979), p. 49-64  

Stetkevych, Suzanne Pinckney
34 Article of a journal  A weak point in a strong chain : the story of ikfa' in Arabic poetics
In: Arabica. 43: 2 (1996), p. 361-368  
Sanni, Amidu  
35 Article of a journal  Animal descriptions in two qasidas by Dhu l-Rummah Some remarks
In: Journal of Arabic literature23: 3 (1992)  
Schippers, Arie  
36 Article of a journal  Characteristics of Arabic literature from the beginning to the end of the Umayyad period / by the late prof. Ignaz Goldziher ; translated and enlarged by Joseph Somogyi.
In: Islamic culture. 31: 22 (1957), p. 178-191  

Somogyi, Joseph
37 Book  The student of Arabic / A.S. Tritton.   Tritton, A.S. (Arthur Stanley), 1881-1973  
38 Article of a journal  Examples of convention in the poetry of Abu Nuwas / A. Hamori.
In: Studia Islamica. 30 (1969), p. 5-26  
Hamori, Andras  
39 Article of a journal  Heroic motives in early Arabic poetry / Meir M. Bravmann.
In: Der Islam. 33: 3 (1958), p. 256-279  
Bravmann, M.M.  
40 Article of a journal  Adonis : revolt in modern Arabic poetics /
In: Edebiyat. vol. 11 : 1 (1977), p. 1-13  
Boullata, Issa J., 1929-  
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