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11 Chapter of a book  Growth and structure of Arabic poetry, A.D. 500-1000 / G.E. von Grunebaum.
In: The Arab heritage. (1963), p. 121-141  
Grunebaum, Gustave E. von (Gustave Edmund), 1909-1972  
12 Chapter of a book  Arabic / Abdullah al-Udhari and G.B.H. Wightman.
In: The Elek book of oriental verse. (1979), p. 259-278  
al-Udhari, Abdullah,
Wightman, G.B.H. (George Brian Hamilton)
13 Chapter of a book  Revolution and renaissance in al-Barudi's poetry / Mounah A. Khouri.
In: Islam and its cultural divergence : studies in honor of Gustave E. von Grunebaum. (1971), p. 76-95  
Khouri, Mounah Abdallah  
14 Chapter of a book  Literary theory : the problem of its efficiency /
In: Arabic poetry : theory and development. (1973), p. 19-69  
Heinrichs, Wolfhart  
15 Article of a journal  From primary to secondary qasidas : thoughts on the development of classical Arabic poetry /
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 11 (1980), p. 1-31  
Badawi, M.M.  
16 Article of a journal  Man, nature and cosmos as intertwining elements in the poetry of Ibn Khafaja J.C. Burgel
In: Journal of Arabic literature14 (1983)  
Burgel, J. Christoph  
17 Article of a journal  Form and logic in some medieval Arabic poems / Andras Hamori.
In: Edebiyat. 2: 2 (1977), p. 163-172  
Hamori, Andras  
18 Article of a journal  Ibn al-Rumi's contribution to the "Nautical rahil" tradition : the expression of meaning through form and structure /
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 29: 3-4 (1998), p. 95-135  
McKinney, Robert  
19 Article of a journal  On ibn ar-Rumi's reflective poetry : his poem about poetry /
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 27: 1 (1996), p. 22-36  

Schoeler, Gregor,
20 Article of a journal  Elegies and other poems on Death / by Ibn al-Rumi.
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 27: 1 (1996), p. 49-85  
Ibn al-Rumi, 836-896
Smoor, Pieter
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