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1 Chapter of a book  Love poetry and love theory in medieval Arabic literature / Lois Anita Giffin.
In: Arabic poetry : theory and development. (1973), p. 107-124  
Giffen, Lois Anita  
2 Chapter of a book  Hispano-Arabic poetry during the caliphate of Cordoba : theory and practice /
In: Arabic poetry : theory and development. (1973), p. 125-154  
Monroe, James T.  
3 Chapter of a book  Some commentaries on the poet al-Mutanabbi / Seeger Bonebakker.
In: Verse and the fair sex : studies in Arabic poetry and in the representation of women in Arabic literature. (1993). p. 31-41  
Bonebakker, Seeger Adrianus, 1923-2005  
4 Article of a journal  Qifa Nabki : the dual form of address in Arabic poetry in a new light /
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 19 (1988), p. 40-48  
Abu-Haidar, J.A.  
5 Article of a journal  Ibn 'Abd Rabbihi and his ghazal verse / D.C. Cowell.
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 5 (1974), p. 72-82  
Cowell, D.C.  
6 Article of a journal  al-Khayalani : a variation of the khayal motif /
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 27: 1 (1996), p. 2-12  
Jacobi, Renate  
7 Article of a journal  Characteristics of Arabic literature from the beginning to the end of the Umayyad period / by the late prof. Ignaz Goldziher ; translated and enlarged by Joseph Somogyi.
In: Islamic culture. 31: 22 (1957), p. 178-191  

Somogyi, Joseph
8 Article of a journal  Umayyad poetry : its political and social background /
In: Islamic culture. 29: 4 (1955), p. 256-274  
Fariq, Khvurshid Ahmad, 1920-  
9 Article of a journal  The response to nature in Arabic poetry / Gustave E. von Grunebaum.
In: Journal of Near Eastern studies. 4: 3 (1945), p. 137-151  
Grunebaum, Gustave E. von (Gustave Edmund), 1909-1972  
10 Article of a journal  Avicenna's treatise on love and the nonphilosophical Muslim tradition / Joseph Norment Bell.
In: Der Islam. 63: 1 (1986), p. 73-89  
Bell, Joseph Norment  
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