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1 Book  Representations of the divine in Arabic poetry / edited by Gert Borg and Ed de Moor. Amsterdam : Rodopi, 2001.  
Borg, Gert
Moor, Ed de,
2 Article of a journal  A sheaf of contemporary Arabic poets / Sargon Boulus.
In: Mundus Artium. v. 10, no. 1 (1977), p. 50-75  

Boulus, Sargon,
3 Chapter of a book  Conflicts, oppositions, negations : modern Arabic poetry and the fragmentation of self text
In: Tradition and modernity in Arabic literature. p. 101-133  
Abu Dib, Kamal  
4 Book  Giving voice to stones : place and identity in Palestinian literature / Barbara McKean Parmenter. Austin, Texas : University of Texas Press, 1994.   Parmenter, Barbara M. 1994 
5 Book  Studies in contemporary Arabic poetry and criticism / Mounah A. Khouri. Piedmont, CA. : Jahan Book Co., 1987.   Khouri, Mounah Abdallah 1987 
6 Article of a journal  An anthology of modern Arabic verse / selected, with an introduction by M.M. Badawi
7 Article of a journal  Modern Arabic literature and the west / Jabra I. Jabra.
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 11 (1971), p. 76-91  
Jabra, Jabra Ibrahim, 1920-94  
8 Book  The Palestinian wedding : a bilingual anthology of contemporary Palestinain resistance poetry / collected and translated by A.M. Elmessiri ; line drawings by Kamal Boullata. Washington, D.C. : Three Continents Press, 1982.  
Elmessiri, Abdelwahab M.
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