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1 Book  Night and horses and the desert : an anthology of classical Arabic literature / Robert Irwin. 1st ed. London : Allen Lane, 1999.   Irwin, Robert, 1946- 1999 
2 Book  Arabic literature / [by] I.M. Filshtinsky; [translated from the Russian by Hilda Kasanina] Moscow : "Nauka" publishing house, 1966.   Filshtinsky, I.M. (Isaak Moiseevich) 1966 
3 Book  A history of Islamic Spain / by Montgomery Watt ; with additional sections on literature by Pierre Cachia. Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [1992]   Watt, Montgomery W.
Cachia, Pierre
4 Chapter of a book  Hispano-Arabic poetry during the caliphate of Cordoba : theory and practice /
In: Arabic poetry : theory and development. (1973), p. 125-154  
Monroe, James T.  
5 Article of a journal  Ibn 'Abd Rabbihi and his ghazal verse / D.C. Cowell.
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 5 (1974), p. 72-82  
Cowell, D.C.  
6 Article of a journal  The minstrels of the golden age of Islam / Henry George Farmer.
In: Islamic culture. 17: 3 (1943), p. 273-284  

Farmer, Henry George,
7 Article of a journal  The sources of Islamic civilization / G.E. von Grunebaum.
In: Der Islam. 46: 1/2 (1970), p. 1-54  
Grunebaum, Gustave E. von (Gustave Edmund), 1909-1972  
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