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1 Book  Hispano-Arabic poetry and its relations with the old Provencal troubadours / by A.R. Nykl. Baltimore : [printed by J.H. Furst Company], 1946.   Nykl, A.R. (Alois Richard) 1946 
2 Article of a journal  Literature during the Rashidah caliphate (11-40 A.H.) / K.A. Fariq.
In: Islamic culture. 37: 1 (1963), p. 1-15  
Fariq, Khvurshid Ahmad, 1920-  
3 Article of a journal  Enigmatic allusion and double meaning in Ma'arri's newly-discovered letter of a horse and a mule : part 2 /
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 13 (1982), p. 23-52  

Smoor, Pieter
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