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1 Article of a journal  Animal descriptions in two qasidas by Dhu l-Rummah Some remarks
In: Journal of Arabic literature23: 3 (1992)  
Schippers, Arie  
2 Chapter of a book  The role of women in medieval Andalusian Arabic story-telling / Arie Schippers.
In: Verse and the fair sex : studies in Arabic poetry and in the representation of women in Arabic literature. (1993), p. 139-152  
Schippers, Arie  
3 Article of a journal  Short poems in Andalusian literature : reflections on Ibn Hafaga's poems about figs /
In: Quaderni di studi Arabi. 5-6 (1987-1988), p. 708-717  
Schippers, Arie  
4 Article of a journal  The theme of old age in the poetry of Ibn Hafaga / Arie Schippers.
In: Quaderni di studi Arabi. 9 (1991), p. 143-160  
Schippers, Arie  
5 Article of a journal  Love and war : a poem of ibn Khafajah /
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 17 (1986), p. 50-68  

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Schippers, Arie,
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