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91 Article of a journal  Mecca before the time of the Prophet : attempt of an anthropological interpretation /
In: Der Islam.68: 2 (1991), p. 193-231  
Dostal, Walter  
92 Article of a journal  The mo'allaqah of Zuheyr rendered into English, with an introduction and notes / by C.J. Lyall.
In: Journal of the Asiatic society of Bengal. 47: 1 (1878), p. 1-26  

Lyall, Charles James, Sir, 1845-1920
93 Book  The mute immortals speak : pre-islamic poetry and the poetry of ritual / Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych. Ithaca ; London :Cornell University Press,1993.   Stetkevych, Suzanne Pinckney 1993 
94 Book  Abu Nuwas : a genius of poetry / Philip F. Kennedy. Oxford : Oneworld, c2005.   Kennedy, Philip F. 2005 
95 Article of a journal  The most natural poem of the Arabs : an addition to the diwan of al-Kumayt ibn Zayd / Geert Jan van Gelder.
In: Journal of Arabic literature. 19: 2 (1988), p. 95-107  
Gelder, G.J.H. van  
96 Chapter of a book  Modern Arabic literature / Kermit Schoonover.
In: Indiana University conference on Oriental-Western literary relations. (1955) p. 137-147  
Schoonover, Kermit  
97 Book  Structural continuity in poetry : a linguistic study of five pre-Islamic Arabic odes / Mary Catherine Bateson. Paris ; The Hague : Mouton & Co.,1970.   Bateson, Mary Catherine 1970 
98 Article of a journal  Dhu al-Rumma's "To the two abodes of Mayya ..." / Michael Sells.
In: al-'Arabiyya 15: 1 & 2 (Spring and Autumn 1982), p. 52-65  
Dhu al-Rumma, Ghaylan ibn 'Uqba 696-735
Sells, Michael Anthony
99 Article of a journal  Shanfara's Lamiyya : a new version /
Sells, Michael Anthony  
100 Article of a journal  A poem attributed to Tarafa ibn al-'Abd / A.J. Arberry.
In: Journal of Semitic Studies.10: 2 (Autumn 1965), p. 149-158  
Arberry, A.J. (Arthur John), 1905-1969  
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