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51 Article of a journal  Ancient Arabic poetry : its genuineness and authenticity /
In: Journal of the Royal Asiatic society. (New series) 11 (1879), p. 72-92  
Muir, William  
52 Article of a journal  The L-poem of the Arabs by Shanfara / J.W. Redhouse.
In: Journal of the Royal Asiatic society. (New series) 13 (1881), p. 437-467  

Redhouse, J.W.,
53 Chapter of a book  Arabic poetics / G.E. von Grunebaum.
In: Indiana university conference on oriental-western literary relations. p. 27-46  
Grunebaum, Gustave E. von (Gustave Edmund), 1909-1972  
54 Article of a journal  The mo'allaqah of Zuheyr rendered into English, with an introduction and notes / by C.J. Lyall.
In: Journal of the Asiatic society of Bengal. 47: 1 (1878), p. 1-26  

Lyall, Charles James, Sir, 1845-1920
55 Book  Modern Arabic literature 1800-1970 : an introduction, with extracts in translation / John A. Haywood. London : Lund Humphries, 1971.   Haywood, John A. 1971 
56 Article of a journal  Imru' al-Qays praises the Propher / Julie Scott Meisami.
In: Tradition and modernity in Arabic literature. p. 223-245  
Meisami, Julie Scott  
57 Chapter of a book  Brevity : the long and the short of it in classical Arabic literacy /
In: Proceedings of the ninth congress of the Union Europeenne des Arabisants et Islamisants. p. 78-88  
Gelder, G.J.H. van  
58 Book  Structural continuity in poetry : a linguistic study of five pre-Islamic Arabic odes / Mary Catherine Bateson. Paris ; The Hague : Mouton & Co.,1970.   Bateson, Mary Catherine 1970 
59 Book  Islamic reflections, Arabic musings : studies in honour of Professor Alan Jones / edited by Robert G. Hoyland and Philip F. Kennedy [Cambridge] :Gibb Memorial Trust, c2004.  
Hoyland, Robert G.
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